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  • Berlin, Berlin, 10179
  • Germany

Drink and Draw Berlin presents:

What are Art Blocks? Why can't I draw as much as I want to? When did I lose fun? And also, my sketches look great, but when I want to do something "good" I suddenly suck? This Workshop gets to the root of these questions with the goal to free the artist in you, so you can finally start sketching like a Mofo for you Pofo.

The Workshop contains exercises, checklists and Step-by-Step tutorials leading to a healthy sketching habit and maintaining sketchbook culture. Also contains truths bombs.

Afterwards there will be private feedback for the sketchbooks of the Participants

About Nadia:
As an autodidact she turned freelance in 2008, working mainly for published comic series, infographics, and merchandise illustrations. After moving to Berlin in 2010 to become part of a concept art outsourcing studio, she started focussing on the Game industry. And since then she creates, leads and is part of bigger teams for development and production of games.

25 € for a Ticket.
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