Welcome to our weekly life drawing program to which we invite beginners and professionals alike in our open and cozy Atelier. We believe in creating a friendly, atmospheric and open-minded space for creative people, where artists of all kind can connect, inspire and learn from eachother. Our friends and guests have become an aspiring and helpful community, warmly welcoming every newcomer who freshly arrived in Berlin or just wants to get to know this city's underground art scene.

Professional artists from the collective are instructing the classes and give personal advice geared to the level of each student. We are greatly supported by a vast variety of life models posing nude or dressed in cool costumes for the classes. Each session ends with an open feedback round and a bonus contest with little prices.

Visit us every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, at 7 pm on our ship the “Helene” -> 'near U-Bahn Märkisches Museum',  Märkisches Ufer 1z, 10179 Berlin.