3 Diffrent musicians, 1 Night.

Disgusting Beauty.

Disgusting Beauty, a child of two aspiring musicians, born in Berlin during a night, accompanied by cigarette smoke, shows us where we don’t want to go but still go, where we meet ourselves and others but somehow different, through music.
Francisco Parisi (allegedly Argentinean) and Silver Cendrey (age unknown), by day they are students, by night they take off their coats of mediocrity.
If you want to listen to a story as old as the fight against gentrification then you might want to join in and get hypnotised by Francisco’s hybrid guitar magic and Silver’s sad sonic sound full of life and desperation and unfulfilled desires.
Stay in tune, or out of it!
Rasha Nahas

Berlin-based singer songwriter, guitarist, coming from the underground scene of Haifa. Rasha has long been fostering a sound that moves seamlessly between the resonances of early rock and roll and the reckless echoes of free jazz. Her songs which are at once completely uninhibited and yet fiercely controlled, exist in a space where fire fights the quiet moments when silence floods in, violins wail and her words though delicately delivered, cut deep.


Berlin based prog-alternative rock band led by Assaf Tuvia and Eden Cami.
The music of naos combines personal lyrics, unique rhythms, energetic performance and overall modern sound.