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About us


About us




About us

Berlin Art Collective for art classes, events, partys, workshops and collaborative projects.

Drink and Draw Berlin is a independent art collective founded 2015 in Berlin. Our aim is to improve and expand the art scene in Berlin by providing workshops, classes and various events for everyone that is interested in art.
Now located in the wonderful 'alte Münze' Berlin.

The Crew!

The Crew!

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Julian dieckert

The Master of the "Swooshi" lines!

The founder and head of Drink and Draw is irreplaceable.
Starting of with a schooling in Fine Art's he quickly came into the world of concept art and finished his diploma in Game Design as a Concept Artist. 
Now this wonderful guy leads us through most drawing sessions and give's advice and help to everyone in need. 



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Sodbayar Tsedensodnom

The Concept Guy! 

The Co-founder of Drink and Draw started of as a 3D artist and is now one of the instructors from Drink and Draw. 

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Helen Blankman

The Social Media Guru! 

She keeps our channels such as Instagram and Facebook busy and provides us with her indispensable ideas to bring Drink and Draw always a step ahead. 





Ria wank

The Creative Mind!

Ria enriches our group with her extraordinary concepts and ideas.
Finished with her studies in Textil Design her knowledge and skillset has proven resourceful many times in the past.




sodbileg tsedensodom

The Master of Coin!

The man behind the curtain finished his ecomonic studies and is now the one that keeps track of all our financial activities.





Hanna petersen

The Illustrator!

With her skills with the pen and her wonderful positiv attitude she provides a rich scope of softskills that is vital for the progress of Drink and Draw. 




Raphael Dieckert

The Advisor!

His body is in cologne, but his heart remains here with us. Our personal psychological assistant supports Drink and Draw with his creative ideas and ambitious mind.